Maggie & NCTE

Content Area: English, Secondary Education

Organization: National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)


Published Journal: NCTE publishes 12 different journals, three of which are geared towards the secondary level.

  •  English Journal- This is a journal for English teachers that includes ideas, how people are implementing technology in their classrooms, ideas and research about how to effectively teach literature and writing. This would be helpful when planning lessons or writing rationales for lessons I’ve made.
  • English Leadership Quarterly– This journal is for people in leadership positions, such as department chairs or supervisors, and includes articles on English education that might be helpful to those people.
  • Classroom Notes Plus- (Published from 1983-2011, but all are still available to members of the organization) This journal was a collection of ideas and lesson plans for middle through high school students. This could be really helpful if I get stuck on lesson plans or need some activities to fit into a unit.

This site has nearly everything a teacher could dream of; lesson plans, resources, journals, seminars, other organizations, online courses and sooo much more than that. There are tons of lesson plans designed to align with the Common Core and even lessons for Banned Books. I love that it also includes places where teachers can apply for grants for money that is always hard to find.

One year of NCTE membership will set you back $50 but the membership also gives you really big discounts on their journals. (Regular price of the English Journal is $75, but the member price is only $25!) Student memberships are $25.





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