Course Reflection.

I would say I’ve found more resources in this class than all of my other education classes combined.

Here are some of my favorites:

*I chose this second grade class blog because of the ideas it gave me. They pose challenges and communicate with other classes through their blogs. I thought it’d be really cool to find a “sister class” and share our work and projects with them. I’d love for students to do peer-review with a sister class and maybe learn a little something about students who may be a world away from you. It would also be helpful to the teachers of these classes as they could share resources and lesson ideas while their students communicate about assignments.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop trying to find resources for my students. I have three huge binders filled with activities, handouts, worksheets, writing guides, and other stuff that I’ve saved and collected since high school. Even with all of that, I’m always on the hunt for something new or a variant of an activity that I could modify for older or younger students, for disabled or handicapped students, for different disciplines, and a million other ways. You never know when you’ll end up with a difficult class or child that you need to find a different way of reaching them; the more you have to work with, the better!

I would like to continue this blog, for sure. Even if it’s just a place for me to store my ideas and resources, I’ll definitely keep using it. I don’t think I’d share this particular blog with students but I would definitely share it with teachers or even might be able to use it as a networking tool. I do, however, like the idea of my students using blogs. It can be an easy, always accessible, way for students to keep in touch with me and their classmates, find resources for their assignments, keep up with the course calendar, find copies of assignment sheets that I know they’ll be constantly losing, or just a place to ask questions. Blogs can also be a good way for students to keep up with their work. If they have a digital copy of something, they can put it on their blog and know it’ll always be there, even if their computer gets fried or the file is corrupted, they have a back-up on their blog.


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